XEAL Education Services

XEAL is an acrynom which stands for Xeric of Educational Avenues for Literates.We are an organization dealing in needs of modern education. Our aim is to be a meeting point for students and their selected colleges. We assist students in doing admissions in top colleges and universities that are listed on certain parameters such as academic faculty, infrastructure & placement that they offer at the end of each course. And at the outset , the technical knowledge that we have in terms of college and university and other small things that a student might require is tremendous .

Another thing that you would appreciate is our availability. It's like any time of the day we are there for our students. We also make sure that we talk according to the target audience like students and parents from different backgrounds . For us client service is obviously a high priority and we are willing to give time and energy to every student. We place around 1500 students in colleges & universities every year across globe . We make long tedious process of application very simple and stress free . The admission is done in a timely and effortless manner . And now we have stepped one step closer to you by launching mobile app. You can go ahead & download it from your app store . Find yourself a suitable college which fits into your budget.

We have worked a great deal in ascertaining credentials of college, universities and schools we are associated with . You need not to worry about approvals and affilations . If it is listed there then it has undergone thorough analyses . We have put direct tabs for "MBBS in Bangladesh" & "BTECH in India" keeping in veiw the never ending demand for these courses. Besides admissions we will also assist you in submission of Passport form, however we will be submitting applications for fresh passport from our app. We will also keep you updated regarding competitive exams & you can visit our office to submit these forms and collect necessary information as and when required . The process of applying and attaining an admit is surely a piece of cake with XEAL. You can reach us over multiple platform viz.

Why XEAL Education Services ?

  • High quality services to its students.
  • Individualized attention and approach for each student.
  • One stop education center that provides complete service on study opportunities in India and abroad.
  • Provided career counseling to over 2500 students.

Our strengths are proven and varied.

Our people constituting our team are our key assets. Our fleet consists of young, dynamic, and quality conscious professionals. Highly trained and vastly experienced counselors. Skilled team of administration, marketing, communication and event management professionals have been appointed to back them up.

  • A decade of experience as education specialists. Comprehensive knowledge of premier universities.
  • Individualized attention and approach for each student.
  • Updated and bleeding edge knowledge about constantly changing admission criteria, we know exactly what each admission committee seeks. This vital information is garnered through various sources like university websites, former alumnus, admission news and bulletins etc.
  • A wide network of students who have availed of XEAL services to gain admission to top-rated universities and help each year with fresh applications.
  • Each student is hand-held and constantly counseled throughout the entire process.At XEAL, the assembly line admission approach is not an option.
  • Commitment and not business sense rules at XEAL, we want you to study at the best school/college you wish for and your aspiration is our promise.

XEAL Education Services : Mission & Vision

To make this world a better place by guiding students in exploring wisdom from right people at right places so that they can become responsible, interdependent & better serving citizens.


  • To guide and assist students in a proper direction so that they can achieve their ultimate goal.
  • To make visible the educational opportunities in India as well as abroad.
  • To make contribution to this world by helping young buds of our society to become intellectuals of tomorrow.

XEAL Education Services : Our Services

What we do

  • Career Counselling
  • Career Pathway Planning
  • Conducts educational fairs & seminars
  • Course & Country Selection Guidance
  • Admission formalities
  • Admission Guidance
  • College & University Information
  • Passport Processing
  • Visa Processing for our students
  • Visa Guidance and support
  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Post Arrival Orientation
  • Value Added Services

What we intend todo ahead.

  • We will soon launch a simple "Exam Kit" predominantly to serve our students so that they can carry best equipments to the examination hall. All you need to worry about is to study hard & smart. You can place an order for one on website or an app. In near future so that we can deliver it to your doorsteps.
  • We have already launched stylus pen under brand name XEAL. It has a touchscreen stylus top and ball point pen inside. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad or any of your Android phones & tabs. You place order for over our website or an app. Presently it is available in four colours viz, black, white, red & grey. Black one contains black ink, all the others are filled with blue ink. It is priced at as low as 99/- rupees only.
  • A project for book store both online and offline is also underway, To begin with we will start with a small physical store with books including fiction, non-fiction & management.

We are looking forward to be a one stop solution as far as education needs are concerned.

Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection
At the time you
(a) register to the XEAL application (“Software”) for using the services, products and materials made available to you using the Software (“Service”),
(b) make any payments related to your use of the Service,
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By registering to the Service and/or using the Software / Content, you hereby agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and the terms in this privacy notice (“Privacy Notice”) We also may automatically receive and track certain data about your mobile device (such as your device-type, time-zone, version of the operating system or Software currently installed, and language preference) or your activity logs from the use of the Service, Software and Content, and we may create a unique device ID for you so we can recognize you. XEAL may collect such non-identifiable information for gathering data on what parts of the Service / Software are of most interest to Users. In some cases, we can automatically detect your location data, but we will not use it unless you give us permission to do so. If you connect with any social networking site (“SNS”), we may also receive some data from that network (e.g. your SNS ID, name, profile picture, gender, age, locale and email address), which shall be deemed to be included within the meaning of your Personal Data. You are not required to provide the Personal Data. However, you agree that in that case we may not be able to provide you with our products or services or respond to any queries you may have.

2. Use of Personal Data
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  • to identify you from time to time, as required, and to validate your use of the Services,
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We may also encrypt and/or aggregate your data with other users’ data in order to create statistics about the general use of the Software and related websites, which helps us to develop new products and services. You understand that we may also share this aggregated data with our business partners and third party advertisers.
Nothing anything else in this Privacy Notice, you understand that in order to comply with the applicable laws and contractual requirements, XEAL may be required to access your location data in order to ensure that your access to the Service is within a particular geographical territory. You hereby consent to such access by XEAL for the foregoing purposes.

3. You sharing data with third parties
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4. Sharing with social networks
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5. XEAL sharing data with third parties
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6. Links to other websites
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7. Use of Cookies
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8. Security
XEAL has implemented adequate and industry accepted processes designed to protect Personal Data and maintain security. It is the User’s responsibility to protect the security of their login information. XEAL’s servers are located in secure server environments. Firewalls and other advanced security technologies are employed to prevent interference or access from outside intruders. These safeguards help prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of data.

9. Choice
The Software/Service may allow you to choose the manner of and the extent to which you wish to disclose the Personal Data. You may also be allowed to disable some of the features that require sharing of Personal Data.

10. Changes to Privacy Policy
XEAL reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy, and will post any revisions on this page.

Returns & Refund Policy
Registration fee payable is non refundable for the services of any country (It includes all expenses incurred at pre and post admission stages for every student under several)

XEAL Education Services charges the service fee based on the services which include

  • Analyzing the best place for an applicant to study keeping the parameters of the past education, future dream and financial affordability on tuition fee.
  • Give clarity on the process of application, filling the application forms appropriately and other related procedures.
  • Guidance on the procedures of the visa by sharing the latest information on documents required which would maximize the chances of getting visa.
  • XEAL Education Services is not liable to refund of any fees/charges or amount paid by the client if they fail to attend the visa interview or submit documents for processing clients application / visa to the concerned Embassy/Consulate or the VFS or any other authorities. XEAL Education Services is not liable to refund in case the client drop his/her admission process for what so ever reasons once processing of his/her application is taken up.
  • XEAL Education Services is not liable to refund any fees or part of the fees if client opts for admissions to different courses / countries or if client opt for Visa under any other category after his/her registration, on his/her own or through any other agency. If the applicant has paid the money through online card services then the client hereby agrees that he or she will not withdraw or is not entitled to take back the amount, or stop payment to the credit card company, except otherwise following the norms of refund as mentioned in the agreement and the procedures prescribed by the law prevailing at that time in the State of Andhra Pradesh and within the Jurisdiction of Hyderabad.
  • XEAL Education Services is not responsible for the exact amount of registration fee or any other charges towards medicals / books etc that the college/university/institution may fix and collect from time to time. However client will be briefed of the fee structure that is prevailing presently.
  • Client also understands and accepts that no refund or adjustment of XEAL Education Services fee will be done in the event he or she abandons the original service / process he or she has signed-up for and decides to switch over to another service / process with XEAL Education Services or opts to apply for student visa to a different country.
  • Client also understands and accepts that no refund or transfer of XEAL Education Services fee to a friend or a relative will be done in the event he or she abandons his or her application or decides to drop out due to any personal or professional reason, during the proceedings after he or she signs-up.
  • The registration charges paid by the client is towards the application fees charged by the college/university, processing the application and the onward courier charges, and other overheads like counseling, canvassing, and other administrative overheads prior to the pre and post admission stage and the same is not refundable and it does not include the tuition fee, hostel fee, deposits or any other charges or fees payable to any college/university/institution or authority.
  • If a particular University requires the client to pay evaluation fees, the fee needs to be borne by the client. The service charges paid by the client are towards the application fees charged by the College / University and do not include Evaluation Fees.

XEAL Education Services will provide no refund if the visa is rejected for any of the following reasons:

  • Failure in medical test by the client or his or her family members included in the application
  • Failure to provide a genuine police clearance certificate, which is not less than 3 months old.
  • Failure to prove sufficient funds for settlement by the client or his or her family members included in the application.
  • Submission of fraudulent documents.
  • Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the client or any of his or her family members included in the application.
  • Late submission of any additional documents requested by the consulate at a later stage.
  • If a visa interview is requested by the Skills Assessment, Immigration or Visa Authority and the candidate fails to attend.
  • If the client fails to get the required score in IELTS or TOEFL to meet the eligibility criteria and as advised by the XEAL Education Services immigration consultants.
  • If the client abandons his/her case within 3 months from the date of registration (No communication with your Immigration consultant for a period of 3 months shall also be deemed to be abandonment)

Other Refund policies

  • No Refund in case of Withdrawal/Conversion/Transfer
  • Client understands and accepts that no refund will be given if the client withdraws / abandons his/her application or decides to drop out, due to any reason, during the proceedings after he or she signs-up.

Termination of Service

  • XEAL Education Services reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time. Termination includes cancelling your registration with or ability to have full or partial access to this Website and/or any other service provided to you by us.
  • XEAL Education Services reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any reason, including any improper use of this Website; the provision of false or misleading information; or your failure to comply with these terms and conditions.


  • In case the user has any complaint (s) regarding the services or processes of XEAL Education Services then he/she can approach XEAL Education Services and get the registered. All complaints received by XEAL Education Services are handled by a team dedicated immigration consultants to resolve satisfactorily and all issues/queries of clients regarding XEAL Education Services are also dealt professionally. Our team makes sure to cater to complaints in best possible manner and provide solutions which result in best services to all XEAL Education Services clients.
  • XEAL Education Services registers only genuine complaints; complaints which are not genuine and are a result of client's own negligence or fault are not catered by XEAL Education Services. Such non genuine complaints can be rejection of visa which can be due to non submission of documents from client's side, absence of client on interview date at immigration office resulting in visa rejection etc. In such cases, XEAL Education Services will not be responsible and complaints relating to these will not be adhered to.

Governing Law
The agreement terms shall be governed by the laws of India. The courts of India shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes (including claims of set-off and counterclaims) in connection with this agreement. All disputes are subject to J & K Jurisdiction only.